Main image of article CloudAround Gets Serious About Music Streaming
CloudAround isn't messing around when it comes to streaming your digital music from your cloud storage service. With an updated version of the Android app released earlier this month, you can now connect to three cloud storage services to sync and stream your music using an Android device running Android OS version 2.2 or newer. CloudAround offers more than just a bridge from your device to multiple cloud services. The app gives you total control over cache limits, playback, streaming, album artwork, and downloads. While CloudAround only supports three services, it has plans to include more in the future. The addition of Amazon Music would be nice, but I don't expect Amazon to comply since they have included a music player with their MP3 store app.  I personally don't like the Amazon MP3 player for Android and would rather have all my digital music available in one place. My first experience with the app was mostly positive, with a quick and painless setup. While there was some trouble streaming from Dropbox initially, it may have been my low battery, local cell service drop out due to thunderstorms, or the app itself.  However, I experienced a few issues with the app force closing. With CloudAround, instead of needing a special app for each storage service, you can have access to all your saved MP3s in one place. It would be great if SME Storage would allow a service like CloudAround to bridge access. They have their own paid app for data access so I don't expect to see it, but it's still a nice idea. has a reputation for partnering with other innovative companies to give their users a better overall experience. While it's primarily billed as a business service, Box would also be a good candidate for CloudAround integration. Giving users access to data across services from a single access point is a great idea. The future of the mobile web is said to be built behind a wall of apps, but consumers certainly have a say in the matter and who provides the highest integration and access to the cloud might come out on top.