Main image of article Need to Compare Job Offers? Check This Site First
If you’re ever in the enviable position of entertaining multiple job offers from big tech companies, choosing the right one can be tough. We’ve discovered one website that can help you make sense of it all (or at least the salary). takes the confusing landscape of corporate-coded job titles and compares them, apples to apples. Maybe you’re looking at what seems like roughly the same engineering job at Google and Apple, but Google’s L4 designation and Apple’s ICT3 engineering role seem like two totally different worlds. For example, if there's ICT3, what’s ICT4, and should you negotiate for that title instead? VMWare offered you an MTS 3 role; is that good, and how does it compare to L4 and ICT3? lets you view three companies side-by-side-by-side, and breaks down how the salary and experience levels create differences for job titles. It relies on user-reported data, and accounts for salary, stock options, and bonuses. The list of companies you can compare is a who’s-who of tech, and you can add your own if you like. also attempts to return an estimate for jobs with a lot of salaries submitted, though it’s not available for each job you’ll find on the site. While it’s great for software engineers and developers, the site also accepts other popular roles:
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Investment Banking
  • Civil Engineer is powered by Triplebyte, an online skills assessment portal that tries to match you with top companies and skip early-stage interviews. Levels also taps into, another Triplebyte-powered site that’s essentially raw data for There, you can view company compensation charts and a living list of reported salaries. Of course, isn’t the only site you should use when entertaining job offers. Glassdoor is good, and Blind’s Q&A forum can be insightful with a little digging (and a lot of reading). Salary isn’t the only consideration when entertaining a job offer, but it is critical. We know adding another stop on your job-search roadmap sounds like a lot of extra work, but a few minutes of arming yourself with data can make the job you finally accept feel more like the right choice.