Main image of article Survey Results: These Benefits Matter Most to Tech Pros
When it comes to the benefits that matter most to tech pros, two perks reign supreme. One we expected, but another took us by surprise. The data was compiled via an anonymous survey of tech pros. The question was simple: “What perks do you want in a job offer?” While some respondents (naturally) selected more than one option, a few standouts dominated. Overall, people want two things: Great health benefits and the option to work from home. These two options were the most popular, far outpacing third-place ‘stock options.’ Fourth place was the catch-all ‘little things’ category, which we described as “a gym membership or a parking pass for the local garage,” though it could be anything non-traditional. Being able to pick hardware was fifth on the list. Perhaps surprisingly, having a splashy job title meant little in our survey. Though other Dice surveys show many tech pros are ready and willing to take a promotion and/or more responsibility, they don’t seem concerned with the title they’re assigned. Health benefits are an unsurprising favorite. It’s a cornerstone perk, and those with families are always enticed by a great healthcare plan via an employer. In a previous Dice survey, we found that 11 percent of tech pros stay with a job they may be unhappy with simply for the great perks package. Though we’re aware that remote work is a popular option for tech pros, we’re nonetheless surprised it rates so highly in this survey. While we list percentages for these results, remote work actually got one more vote than ‘health benefits,’ making it – technically – the most popular perk an employer can offer tech pros. If there’s a takeaway for employers, it’s that tech pros can see through the pizazz: A flashy job title, dedicated parking spot and a fresh MacBook Pro won’t cumulatively overcome great health benefits or remote work.