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The majority of standard resume formats include a “Skills” section, where the candidate describes what they can do. While it’s important that this section list relevant abilities, you can also use the space to draw attention to your “transferable skills” that could ultimately prove just as vital to the job at hand. Lots of people list their proficiency with productivity software or ability to analyze a dataset with a variety of tools; far fewer remember to mention that they’re really good at problem solving, or effectively communicating a complex series of requirements, or dealing with clients who might speak languages other than English. There are two ways to highlight these transferable skills. You could include them in a special “Skills” subsection (“Motivates team, manages complex projects, flexible to changing situations,” etc.), or you could break them out within your job descriptions, with a bit of contextual detail (“Motivated team to deliver software project well ahead of deadline”). However you choose to do it, transferable skills are something overlooked in many a resume; listing a few can help you stand out from the pack.

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