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Most people find job interviews an intense experience. You’re anxious to impress the interviewer, and worried that you won’t say the right things. In such a highly charged environment, it’s easy to slip into dourness and negativity. Here are some tips for keeping everything upbeat: Flip Everything Positive: Your last job wasn’t bad, it was a “learning experience” filled with “interesting challenges” that helped you grow professionally. You don’t think a programming language is “stupid,” you prefer using others that provide greater flexibility and utility. Positive stories that end on an upbeat note, sprinkled with lots of confident terminology (“absolutely!”), can help frame you as a proactive and engaged candidate. Body Language: Smile. Offer firm handshakes. Sit up straight. Make eye contact but don’t glare or stare. Emphasize Teamwork: (Almost) everybody likes a team player. Before you head into the interview, memorize some stories about times you made positive contributions to teams.

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