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Employers not only want employees who are skilled, efficient, and work well with others—they also want people to actually stick around. During a job interview, the interviewer might ask a lot of questions about your technical proficiency, but they’re also interested in seeing whether you’d be the sort of employee who’d stay with the company longer than a year. But here comes the tricky part: If you’re really interested in the job, how do you convey to the interviewer that you have every intention of staying (if hired, of course)? You could always take the direct route and say something like, “I will be with your company for no less than five years,” but that would seem… odd and presumptuous. Instead, come prepared with at least five questions for the interviewer about the company and your potential role. That will show you took the time to research the firm, and that you’re interested in seeing how you would potentially fit in.

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