Main image of article Dell Targets Enterprise with Windows 8 Tablet
Dell Latitude ST TabletDell is developing a Windows 8 tablet targeting enterprise users, due to the demand for secure Windows tablet that works with all Windows applications, CEO Michael Dell told Bloomberg. Naturally, Dell's upcoming tablet will be running on Windows 8 for x86/x64, the full version of Windows 8 meant for traditional desktop and laptop. While Windows on ARM is better suited to run on a tablet, the lighter version of Windows 8 cannot run legacy desktop apps, which defeats the purpose of a Windows-based tablet for enterprise users. That said, Dell's upcoming Windows 8 tablet will probably share many attributes with its Windows 7 counterparts—bulky, thick, less-than-optimum battery life and expensive. Dell already has several different models of Windows 7 tablets and laptop-tablet-hybrids in its lineup. Dell will start selling Windows 8 PCs the day the new operating system becomes available. There is no hint that Dell is also building Windows 8 consumer tablets, an area that's decidedly more crowded and challenging. Photo: Dell