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Google TV UpdateGoogle TV has been slow to catch on, but that may soon change. Later this month, LG will release a new line of 3D Google TVs, which will have access to the Google Play Store as well as Web content through the Chrome browser.
The 3D-capable TVs will come with a Marvell dual-core chip set operating at 1.2GHz, allowing users to blend PC-like Google experiences–such as searching the Web and watching video on YouTube and Google Play–with watching good old-fashioned live TV. For its nifty new sets, LG has also developed a Wii-like gesture-based remote controller that comes with a QWERTY keyboard.
This entrant to the TV world almost meets my desire to have a smarter smart television, with enough computing power to handle future middleware upgrades and function with near PC capabilities. This isn't to say I want to handle most PC tasks with a remote. I just want a more options (minus 3D). Box-less access to content is a huge improvement over early versions of the Logitech Revue and other dismal Google TV delivery devices. The new LG TVs are for Google TV what Microsoft Windows was to Internet Explorer. As the platform expands to more brands, so will its reach. Price tag aside, the adoption of a smart TV is much easier to encourage than that of a set top box. Less clutter + More Content = Win. As an Android developer, you have an excellent opportunity with these new TVs. Developing for Google TV is similar to building for Android phones and tablets. If you haven't already begun migrating your TV-worthy apps to Google TV, now's the time to start.