Main image of article Dice Tech Salary Report: How Much Do Tech Pros Make?

There might be a lot of economic uncertainty at the moment, but that hasn’t negatively impacted compensation for tech professionals, according to the latest Dice Tech Salary Report. Dice’s extensive surveying of tech professionals shows that the average tech salary remains level at six figures ($111,348).

Despite the scary headlines about layoffs at some of tech’s biggest companies, the overall tech unemployment rate remains low, at 1.5 percent, and it’s clear that many organizations will need to pay top dollar in order to secure the highly specialized tech talent they need.  

Which skills paid tech professionals the most in 2022? And which enjoyed the most salary growth?  

Tech Salaries for Programming Languages and Skills 

As with previous years, companies are willing to pay big for tech professionals with data-related skills such as MapReduce, Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka and Teradata. Corporate and government strategies hinge increasingly on data analytics, particularly massive datasets, which is driving salary growth in related skills. 

Among programming languages, Golang and Rust dominated; for those who want to master the cloud infrastructure and its related applications, Docker and Kubernetes can prove particularly lucrative. As more organizations embark on far-reaching “digital transformation” initiatives, tech professionals with the ability to build out and maintain tech stacks, either on-premises or the cloud, will become more valuable than ever.  

Tech Salaries by Industry 

Tech professionals also enjoyed solid salaries in a handful of industries outside of tech. For example, Manufacturing saw a 12 percent growth in salary from $100,622 in 2021 to $112,601 in 2022; telecommunications saw an increase of 7 percent from $108,550 in 2021 to $115,940 in 2022. Innovation is a core part of what drives industries forward and technology (and the employees with the skills to develop and maintain that technology) is vital to innovative success. (However, not all industries enjoyed those kinds of bumps; in construction/home building, for example, average tech salaries decreased 10 percent year-over-year.) 

Compensation Trends: Tech Salaries Still on the Rise 

If you’re a tech professional with an in-demand specialty such as data analytics or machine learning, chances are very good that you’ll continue to command above-average compensation no matter where you land next. With the nonstop acceleration of digital transformation in virtually every aspect of modern life, organizations in multiple industries need technology professionals for everything from website design to building A.I. models to securing their tech stacks against internal and external threats.  

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