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The Script Traditionally, a resume focuses on a job seeker’s prior accomplishments instead of their potential, but today I’m revealing some ways to change that during a segment we like to call, “Ask Cat.” I’m Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. So here’s the question: Dear Cat, I’ve created a resume that highlights my skills and prior work experience, but I have potential in other areas. How can I showcase all of my talents? The key is getting your resume to read like a business proposal, not a regurgitation of old news. Start by creating a list of your hands-on skills and experience as well as your untapped abilities and underutilized strengths. For example, perhaps you aspire to be a team lead or project manager because you’re a great role model and your teammates turn to you for solutions and technical advice. Next, organize your talents by major competencies like leadership, financial management or developing technical solutions, so you’re ready to write a functional resume. Remember, a chronological resume focuses on past achievements, whereas a functional or blended format focuses on your skills and helps you create a forward-looking document. When you spot the right opportunity, research the job description and company to identify their needs and problems. This activity is similar to gathering project requirements from stakeholders. Map your competencies to the company’s needs -- and voila, you’re ready to assemble your resume! Start with a strong opening statement that summarizes your benefits. Follow with a brief professional summary that outlines your proposal, and then seal the deal by offering an inventory of your competencies. Conclude your proposal with a synopsis of your work experience and education. If you think about where you want to go, instead of where you’ve been, it’s easy to create a forward-looking resume that highlights your potential. If you have questions, send them to me at cat @ Just put Ask Cat in the  subject line. That's CAT at I’m Cat Miller and this has been DiceTV. We now return you to your regular desktop.