Main image of article Do Managers Want Their Employees Back in the Office?

Are managers sick of remote work? A new study suggests the majority (75 percent) would like their employees to engage in some type of in-person work. 

That study, conducted by GoodHire, surveyed some 3,500 managers about their remote-work preferences. Roughly 51 percent of managers also thought their employees wanted to return to the office full-time, while 49 percent were either unsure or didn’t think their team members wanted to come back to their old desks. 

Although a majority of managers said they preferred in-person work, nearly as many (73 percent) admitted that employees’ engagement and productivity had “either improved or stayed the same” while working full-time remote. In addition, “23 percent of managers disagreed that hiring from more locations due to remote offerings would allow them to hire better talent.”

This study didn’t focus exclusively on tech, but it nonetheless highlights some issues gripping managers in the tech space right now. Fortunately for those tech-centric managers, a significant majority of technologists find the prospect of hybrid work (i.e., going into the office at least some days per week) to be anywhere from somewhat to extremely desirable, according to Dice’s 2021 Technologist Sentiment Report. Separate studies by GitHub and LinkedIn also found a rising percentage of technologists embracing hybrid work—even as the percentage of those heading back to the office five days per week has dropped. 

At big tech companies such as Google and Apple, most employees will follow a hybrid schedule—although some have reportedly complained about those schedules not being flexible enough. No matter what the size of the company, though, managers and executives need to listen to employees’ opinions about remote and hybrid work—and consider adjusting policies accordingly. With the tech unemployment rate notably low, technologists are more inclined than ever to search out new opportunities that give them the compensation, benefits, and schedule they truly desire.