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Ever wonder what it takes to get a job at EMC? Well, wonder no more because we have the inside skinny from EMC's VP of recruiting. The storage maker is “aggressively” hiring tech talent as it focuses on Big Data, analytics and cloud computing. Last month, for example, EMC introduced 42 new products or services, as it moves away from conventional data center hardware and software to a hybrid cloud model.

Crunching the Numbers

EMC is looking to hire 500 people over the next three years at its recently opened global customer support center in Draper, Utah. But it's also seeking help in other areas of the U.S., particularly in Massachusetts and California. And on top of that, the company is also looking to add another 59 IT positions and 33 engineering jobs in the United States, based on openings on  jobs boards. Although EMC's VP of recruiting Tom Murray wasn't able to reveal the specific job openings, he did delve into the areas where EMC is hiring. "One of our biggest needs is for data scientists," Murray says. "There’s a huge need across technology for data science skills. That’s an area where we will be aggressively hiring, not just this year, but next year and moving forward. … Big Data is the real theme for the company right now." Hadoop skills are also in high demand at EMC, as well as other companies across the technology landscape. "With data science and Hadoop, you really have to go after the experienced talent," Murray says.

Insider's Advice on Landing an EMC Job

Murray offered up a strategic roadmap for snagging an EMC job:
  • Network all you can with EMC employees and members of the recruiting staff. That’s easy to do on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Learn all you can about the company. Do your homework. "Be an expert on EMC when you walk in the door. Not only EMC, but do your homework on our competitors as well," Murray said.
  • Show that you understand the company culture. EMC has acquired more than 70 companies in the past decade, encompassing security, hardware, software and services. That means it’s routinely bringing in new people and businesses.

Biggest mistake

"The biggest mistake is when [job candidates] walk out of the initial meeting, but the hiring manager doesn't really know all your capabilities," Murray said. And contributions to open source communities and other projects you have going in your basement? That counts, too. "I love that," Murray said. 'That just shows their passion for technology. If a person is so excited about technology that they’re doing it both inside and outside the office, you know they’re going to be great on the job."

Advice for new grads

EMC likes to see students who have landed competitive tech internships. The storage giant offers internships and aggressively recruits for interns, as well as graduates. Another piece of savvy advice is play the field. Get as much experience as you can early in your career. Look for places that have rotational programs, so you’re not pigeon-holed in one business unit, technology or skill. "Our leadership development programs have global rotations and they’re worth their weight in gold to allow you to get global experience and global perspective," Murray said.

Advice for those with 10+ years of experience

Get out of your comfort zone. Make sure you’re leveraging your current skills, but also make sure you’re staying up to date on the most recent technology.  Educate yourself. Don’t get stuck in one technology.

Cultural Fit?

Let's say you have the skills EMC needs. But will you fit in? "It’s a culture of collaboration and innovation. We’re professionally aggressive and very competitive [in the market.] We want to win," Murray said.  "EMC is laser-focused on the competition."

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