Google Nexus Tablet Eric Schmidt says Google's first tablet is coming soon. In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra, the search giant's chairman indicated plans for a release in the next six months, which will continue the “brutal competition between Apple and Google Android” in the mobile market. Asked by the reporters why the battle is so "brutal," Schmidt replied that "these are the rules of the market, and go to the benefit of the consumer. I do not know how this is in Europe, but here in the U.S., thanks to the struggle already in place, you can now have some of the best smartphones priced at $100." When asked about matching Apple's popular Siri voice-guide feature, Schmidt declined to answer. Instead, he said Google has long had the best voice-translation software, which can be used the same way Siri is. A New York Times article about the future Google X car could not be avoided by the Italian reporter, but Schmidt was clear in his response: "That article is based on  leaks and we do not comment on rumors. However, the most important thing on Google X is the car that you drive alone." He added that the development will take years (even a decade) because of the numerous regulatory and liability issues. On YouTube's commercial television plans, Google's chairman said:
YouTube will be more profitable because it will have more publicity, but it will not be televised. The business model of YouTube is different: to help people make money with content that is produced and distributed independently, but on the Internet. Even the new channels that we are creating change the Web. Then, of course, it is true that people often prefer to follow these channels on the Web instead of watching television. But there are two different things. We also have a strategy to allow the user to combine them together, but this is entrusted to Google TV. Google TV will arrive in Europe in the first half of 2012.