Google TVGoogle TV is designed to enhance Android and Chrome as a platform that mixes Internet and television in a smart way. To use it, you have to own a Sony Internet TV, which costs between $299.99 and $999.99. Another option is to buy a separate box that can be attached to your TV: This will be either a Logitech Revue or a Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player. Both include a special remote that helps control all of Google TV's features. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt made some interesting statements during a presentation last week. He first said Google TV is has been unsuccessful  till now because consumers tend to replace their TVs once at every five years. However, he promises Google will continue to develop the platform, and that more companies will join Sony and Logitech in the near future.
I believe that they're both going to be on board and I believe there are many more coming. Wait shortly for an announcement.
Schmidt also said Google is seeking to resolve its problems with ABC, NBC and CBS, and confirmed the company's in talks with UK broadcasters. Europe is also a target of Google TV's, though an official launch date there hasn't been announced. As a worldwide company, Google's next step should be to implement a potentially major source of income -- ads inside our TV. Until now, Google TV didn't meet the expectations for Android and Linux-based platforms, but hearing Schmidt's words, it's clear that this approach is the future of television, even though it might take a while to develop. Source: Reuters