Facebook Timeline profile Out of all the goodies announced at Facebook's f8 conference the new profile design, called Timeline, is the most obvious change. The new design has more of a story-telling nature. Gone are the days when profiles were made up of just lines and lines dull-looking status updates. The new profile will sort all the data you've ever shared on Facebook and mash them to tell a story -- the story of your life. It's a life journal, if you will, an interactive one filled with your life events, photos and videos. And it doesn't require any conscious effort on your side to build, unless you don't like the one generated by Facebook and want to manually add or remove items. Facebook is also making it easier to share more about your daily activities. By adding apps to your Timeline profile, you can tell the world what you're doing without having to manually update your status or click "Like" buttons. With the new Open Graph, third-party services can better integrate Facebook into their products. The key is automated sharing. By adding apps like "Washington Post Social Reader" to your timeline, every article you read from the newspaper will be instantly shared. Same goes for Spotify. Adding its app to your timeline is akin to adding your "Now Playing" list to Facebook. Your friends will know exactly what tune you're humming at any given time, and they can play the same song as well right from Facebook itself. Every time Facebook makes a major shift from a familiar interface, protests are inevitable. There won't be an exception this time around. I imagine people with a past they'd rather not mention would prefer the old profile design. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzPEPfJHfKU?rel=0&w=560&h=315] Source: The Facebook Blog