Main image of article Google Announces Chrome for Android Beta
Google announced one of the best pieces of news ever for Android owners: Chrome browser availability. Unfortunately, this will be available only for Ice Cream Sandwich users, which account for 1% of Android devices. There are three things that Google highlighted about the Chrome for Android beta: speed, simplicity and sign in. The main objective is to take the Desktop version of Google Chrome and implement it on mobile devices. But, this is hard because "speed on a mobile device is different than speed on a desktop...the processor is weaker," Sundar Pichai, Google's SVP of Chrome, told parislemon. Also, click zones are smaller and the tabs concept must be redesigned. Chrome speed principles say that you can search, navigate and browse fast. Pages can be scrolled quickly with the touch of your finger and when you are ready to search, pages are loaded quickly in the background using the omnibox feature. To make things simple, on Chrome for Android, whether you are using a smaller or a bigger device, you can flip or swipe between tabs using intuitive gestures, "as if you’re holding a deck of cards in the palm of your hands, each one a new window to the web." In the past, users experienced problems when they wanted to switch between several tabs. Now, the link preview feature automatically zooms in on links to make this operation accurate than ever. Finally, another great feature will allow users to sync Chrome browsers when signing in into the same Google account. If you open multiple Chrome tabs on your PC, you can view these same tabs on your Android phone when you access Chrome for Android. They appear under "Other Devices." Besides Open Tabs, the Sync feature will also allow Google to remember Chrome passwords and bookmarks. I personally like how Google thinks and is pushing things further by making some of their best PC apps and features available for mobile use. Well done! [youtube=]