Main image of article Google+ iOS App Adds Hangouts, Messenger, New Notifications Settings
Google Plus on iPhone 4Some of the biggest news in a busy last week was about Google+, which opened its doors to anyone who wants a new account on the fledgling social network. It was the official beginning of the battle against Facebook. Then Google made a surprise move for Apple users by updating  the iOS version of its Google+ App. The new version includes Hangouts, a one-up on Facetime, which is a little outdated. It allows nine of your to watch you broadcasting live, whether you're in a concert or at an airport. Another great feature: Huddle, which has been renamed Messenger and supports new features. You can attach photos from your Phone or take one with your camera and add it directly in the conversation. Simple enough! Also, you'll be able to switch between receiving or not receiving push notifications for Google+ mentions, shares, comments or comments. Then there are the usual notifications for photos, tags and comments, which can be enabled or disabled from the app's notification settings. The  +1 button wasn't left behind. It will be included just as the "Like" button was in Facebook. With recent Facebook features and improvements in one hand and Google+ Beta in the other, the battle of the giants continues. Facebook is ahead, but Google+ is making good steps to reach it.