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San Francisco-based boot camp Hack Reactor is launching a remote program that it describes as “the world's first work-from-home immersive coding school,” reports VentureBeat. Hack Reactor Remote will teach software and Web development, with an emphasis on JavaScript. Job TrainingWhile online programs usually take a somewhat flexible approach to learning, Hack Reactor Remote puts students into a three-month immersion program in real time, with a live instructor. It mirrors the company’s in-person classes, offering the same coursework and approach of pairing students with mentors and peers. And while Hack Reactor promises remote students the same job placement help it offers to on-campus students, that assistance might be harder to take advantage of given the distance involved among participants. Click here to see coding jobs. A beta version of the three-month program begins on July 21 and runs for 12 weeks. The price and the application process again follow the in-person boot camp’s, with tuition set at $17,780. A small number—four—of half-tuition scholarships are available, based on participant need. Hack Reactor Remote seems to be the first online version of a comprehensive in-person program, at least among the San Francisco-based boot camps, VentureBeat says. And while the MOOC approach means that interested coders needn’t relocate to participate, the program still requires a significant time commitment: Students must participate at the same time as students on-campus in San Francisco, which means being available at a computer from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. PT, Monday through Saturday.

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