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Networking isn't about meeting people… It's about helping people. You can’t tap perfect strangers on the shoulder and expect them to do you a favor. So don’t just meet someone new so you can ask them for help. Offer your own by sharing job leads and news, providing testimonials and introducing people. Being thoughtful is a part of this. Send congratulatory notes for accomplishments and thank-you notes when someone gives you a referral. If you spend time helping others, there’s a good chance that they’ll step up when you need a hand. It’s particularly important to send a thank-you note to everyone when you find a job. In fact, some recommend writing even to people who didn’t directly help you. Why? Because including them can pay off for you down the road. It’s not that far-fetched of an idea, really. People like to be included, they like to be recognized, and they tend to remember the people who reach out in nice ways.

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