Main image of article How Much Do Tech Salaries Range in California and New York?

California and New York now require companies to include salary ranges in new job postings. That transparency could have a significant impact on tech professionals’ job hunt and salary negotiation. But what are the average ranges for popular tech positions?

For a deep dive, we can turn to, a new site that’s tracking salary ranges for tech jobs in California and New York. With new data added regularly, these ranges will likely shift in coming weeks; but for now, this is how much the following jobs pay on average in both states:

Once you dig into individual companies, salary ranges can vary enormously. For example, Tesla pays its senior software engineers anywhere from $83,000 to $418,000, while Uber can shell out between $174,000 and $194,000. But in aggregate, this data could provide a helpful jumping-off point when hunting for jobs and/or negotiating for a new salary. At the very least, a publicly displayed range will give you an idea of the “floor” for a particular position so you’re not lowballed during the hiring process.

Also keep in mind that California and New York are expensive states that tend to pay higher salaries. A software engineer or product manager may find lower salary ranges in, say, Louisiana or Tennessee. But even if you live in a lower-cost state, you can still find all-remote jobs that pay a higher-than-average salary for your area; over the past few years, there have been signs that remote work is actively shrinking the traditional “geography gap” in technology salaries.

It’s also important to remember that compensation is more than money; your overall package could include non-monetary benefits such as a flexible schedule, child or elder care, or training opportunities. If your current or future employer isn’t willing to budge on salary, you can potentially negotiate for other things that matter to you, such as a better work-life balance.