Osama bin Laden It's worth noting that Osama bin Laden's mansion was not equipped with telephone lines and Internet service. However, he was able to communicate with his terrorist mates via email for years, without ever being detected. Not with a Blackberry, but with USB flash drives -- many of them. The al-Qaeda leader used a service similar to those intended for grandmas. But instead of handwriting a letter and converting it to an email, bin Laden wrote them on his offline computer. The content was then saved in a USB flash key and a trusted courier went to a distant Internet café, unloaded the message on a computer and sent it. The reverse was done to receive emails. A courier would retrieve incoming emails on behalf of bin Laden, save the content to a USB flash drive, and deliver it to bin Laden's mansion. If not for the hundreds of flash drives the U.S. Navy SEALs found after killing Bin Landen, most likely no one would have discovered his "e-snailmail" system.
It was a slow, toilsome process. And it was so meticulous that even veteran intelligence officials have marveled at bin Laden's ability to maintain it for so long. The U.S. always suspected bin Laden was communicating through couriers but did not anticipate the breadth of his communications as revealed by the materials he left behind.
Osama would probably would have laughed if he lived to see Chromebook's announcement. Source: AP