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Atlanta-based Cloud Sherpas bills itself as the world's leading cloud services brokerage. Offering cloud solutions from a variety of providers, including Google, Salesforce and ServiceNow, the company expects 40 percent growth in 2013 with revenues mobbing north of $100 million. With more than 15 offices worldwide, it raised more than $80 million in private investment last year. It’s a two-time Google Enterprise Partner of the Year for Google Apps, a Platinum Cloud Alliance partner and the first ServiceNow partner to reach Preferred Partner status globally. Cloud Sherpas LogoThis year, Cloud Sherpas added more than 250 employees, mostly in the U.S., Australia and the Philippines. In an interview, Richard Stack, Vice President of Global Recruiting, said, “We have had many, major new client wins, expansions into new geographies, various promotions internally that create new opportunities for external candidates and a number of acquisitions that have brought a variety of new possibilities.”

How to Read a Job Posting

Jobs for seasoned employees, recent grads, and interns are all available on the company’s website, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages, as well as recruitment ads on various sites. Stack added, “Our recruiting team is very active on various networking sites and I also recommend direct outreach to them”. The company is consistently hiring across all regions and business units, and within the corporate offices, he said. Some of the key roles that Cloud Sherpas is currently recruiting for are Enterprise Sales Directors (Google, Salesforce, ServiceNow), Solution Architects, Mobile Developers, certified consultants, Technical Architects, and various finance roles.

The Interview Process

The first interview, which tends to be a free-flowing exchange, occurs with a recruiter. The second and third interviews likely include the hiring manager and dive deep into the job’s specifics. You may be required to complete tests and models, or demonstrate your skills on whiteboards or keyboards. For more senior roles, there are more interviews. The final interview for a leadership role may require you to make a presentation to showcase your industry knowledge and presentation skills.

How to Stand Out

Spend time boning up on skills that aren’t your strength, says Stack, and be prepared to present yourself as a well-rounded individual. “Almost all of our staff, regardless of role, will encounter clients. So our developers, sales people, finance staff and executives need to be able to communicate clearly and with purpose, as much as they need to demonstrate their core skills.” Research your interviewers on LinkedIn and other social media channels, and try to make connections to them. Getting certified is another plus. Finally, “Take advantage of the free development environments that the major cloud providers offer,” Stack advises. “There’s no better way to show your interest, capability and expertise than through a live and functioning app.”

Advice for Seasoned Professionals

Critical to success is a passion for technology and opportunities in the cloud. Previous experience with disruptive technologies, if not the cloud, as well as a solid understanding around platforms of choice --, Google and ServiceNow -- is necessary. The specific tech skills required vary within the business, the role and platform.

Advice for Recent Graduates and Potential Interns

Cloud Sherpas does a great deal of early career and graduate hiring. It looks for a core development background and sound math skills. “We look for people who like to ‘tinker’ with technology outside of work,” says Stack. Intern programs in the U.S., Manila and India work with local universities to identify students and recent graduates who are looking to further their technical knowledge, as well as gain experience in various corporate functions, including marketing, finance, and HR.