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People expect you to tell them how great you are in your resume and cover letter. After all, finding a job is all about selling yourself as the right person to fix an employer's problem. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for other voices. You can add a lot of credibility to your story by including testimonials from colleagues or former managers in your resume. Think of it from the employer's point of view: They're sifting through dozens of applications, trying to pick out who should come in for an interview. All of the resumes list applicable skills and pertinent experience. What makes one stand out from the others? A sentence or two from a manager lauding the candidate's ability to deliver projects on time and on budget would certainly help. Testimonials serve as references from people who've worked with you and recognize the quality of your performance. They strengthen your resume because they illustrate that other people think your work is valuable enough to vouch for. They offer evidence that you're every bit as good as you say you are and make your credentials that much more real. Whether they come from managers or peers, testimonials are sure to make a reviewer take an extra moment with your resume. In other words, they'll set you apart, and that's sure to help you get the call for an interview.

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