Apple iPad 2 White Pad users are happy. Software Usability Research Laboratory says 83.65 percent of the respondents to its online survey are satisfied having their iPad 1 or 2. There were seven values, from "Best Imaginable" to "Worst Imaginable." Sixty two percent rated the iPad as "Excellent," 21 percent as "Good," 10 percent as "Best Imaginable," 4 percent as "Fair," 2 percent as "Poor" and 2 percent as "Awful."  No one rated the iPad as "Worst Imaginable." Announced in January 2010 by Steve Jobs, Apple's iPad changed our life and marked a new leap in technology. It was the company's "most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price." Two years later, with another iPad version in the wings, everyone seems to be happy enough. In the third quarter of 2011, iPad scored 61.5 percent of tablet market share, according to IDC. When SURL's respondents were asked "What is BEST about the iPad?"three major terms came out: "apps," "portable" and "easy." Asked what they liked least, participants picked the inability to use Flash, Keyboard typing problems, and some apps. Another interesting result surrounds the number of apps users install on their devices: About 33 percent have 21-40 apps installed, 29 percent have 1-20 apps installed, 17 percent have more than 80 apps installed, 13 percent have 41-60 apps installed and 8 percent have 61-80 apps installed. Even if SURL's study included just 52 respondents, they were unanimous about one thing: The iPad is nice, portable and smart enough to satisfy all of their requirements.