Dice News RoundupDICE NEWS ROUNDUP: The Number of IT Jobs Rose 100,000 Year Over Year: The latest numbers from TechServe Alliance show that IT employment continued climbing in September, growing for the 20th straight month. The number of jobs rose 5,800 in September, to 4,059,500. That’s a small gain, but overall IT employment is up close to 100,000 jobs, or nearly 2.5 percent, year-over-year.  "Absent a significant deterioration in the macroeconomic environment, we remain bullish on continued growth in IT employment for the foreseeable future,” said Mark Roberts, TechServe Alliance's CEO. TechServe Alliance Outsourcing's Starting to Come Back In: When Best Buy recently announced that it would bring 200 back-office IT jobs home and replace them with full-time American employees, it was the latest example of a trend that’s starting to spread. More companies are building their own tech teams rather than outsourcing the work. The point, in the words of a Best Buy exec, is to “take control of our destiny.” Companies are acknowledging that IT is essential to any business’s future, and to control that future, they want to find and keep IT professionals by offering good positions. Ars Technica Michigan Is Adding Tech Jobs: A report from TechAmerica Midwest says that Michigan added 2,700 technology jobs between 2009 and 2010, an increase of 2 percent from the previous year. Proportionally speaking, that means Michigan has added more tech jobs than any other state. “Job gains in key sectors such as software and research and development have helped the state recover from hard economic times,” says the report. Washington, D.C., ranked second, followed by West Virginia, Utah and South Carolina. California has the most tech positions overall. Newser The Four Tech Superpowers Are Girding for Battle: The four companies that have taken control of our tech lifestyles are poised to fight over markets such as mobile phones and tablets, mobile apps, social networking, and more. The battles between Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google could be epic, and users may be caught in the competitive crossfire as other formerly big players cower on the sidelines. Gone are the days when Apple made consumer electronics, Google ran a search engine, Amazon was a store and Facebook was a social network. It’s all gotten a lot blurrier -- and much more competitive -- and will continue to do so over the next two years. Fast Company Intel Adds 3,400 Jobs: Intel has added approximately 3,400 employees this quarter, bringing its total employment to 100,000 for the first time.  The company’s third-quarter revenue was a record $14.2 billion, up $3.1billion from Q3 last year. It was the company's most profitable quarter ever. Why is Intel doing so well? “Double-digit growth in notebook PCs” and “strength in the data center fueled by the ongoing growth of mobile and cloud computing,” says the company. The PC Client group saw a 22 percent increase in revenue, and the Data Center Group's is up 15 percent. TechCrunch The Sweet Taste of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: Google unveiled Android 4.0, also known by its code name of Ice Cream Sandwich. The OS will debut on a Samsung smartphone and will hit stores in November. What’s new in 4.0? Plenty.  It features UI enhancements, social networking integration and other APIs meant to encourage human and application-based sharing. On the corporate IT side, Android 4 integrates multiple e-mail accounts more completely, and now supports Exchange e-mail folders. It also has improved security features that should please corporate IT staffs undertaking Android smartphone deployments. Other new features: application folders (like the iPhone has), a favorites tray, screen shot capture, better copy and paste, a tabbed browser and better talk-to-text features. It's not clear if Siri's worried. Infoworld Upcoming Tech Events Street Fight Summit October 25-26—New York At Street Fight’s kick-off conference, hyperlocal industry leaders will debate the strategies that will define a lasting, sustainable new landscape for local online marketing. Confirmed guests include top execs from Foursquare, Patch, Yipit, Gilt City, Topix, Fwix, DNAInfo, Main St. Connect, Datasphere, Zaarly and Journal Register. CIO: IT Leadership Strategies November 1—Chicago Gather in-depth information on the top priorities and challenges for CIOs in making business-aligned IT decisions in the new year. Social Media World Forum North America November 1-2—New York Now in its second year, the SMWF North America event will be providing a format for networking, engagement, and lots of social media debate around the latest tools, technologies, platforms, and emerging trends within social media marketing. The show hosts a variety of free to attend workshops and conferences for marketers, PR professionals, brands, agencies, and SME’s. Apps World North America November 1-2—New York Apps World North America brings together many of the region’s top app developers, network operators, OS vendors, brand and marketing managers, and technology providers looking to connect, build partnerships and network while becoming educated about the latest developments within the industry. Seattle Interactive Conference November 2-3—Seattle Organizers expect the event to attract up to 3,500 attendees from across the U.S., with a focus on e-commerce, social media, interactive advertising and gaming.