Main image of article Imagining Marissa Mayer’s Career-Changing Resume

Scoring a higher-level position as an outsider is no easy feat, even for someone as talented and accomplished as Marissa Mayer. A seasoned and certainly proven leader in the Internet space, Mayer hasn't ever been a CEO, or faced a situation where she had to guide a highly visible company through a highly visible turnaround. To win her role, Mayer would have to demonstrate to Yahoo's board that she possesses the expertise and charisma to do just that. While people at her level don't use resumes so much as biographies and contacts, we got to thinking about how she might have taken her past experience and fashioned it into an argument that convinced the board she was the right person. She'd need a document that emphasized her potential rather than her past. To do this, she'd map her relevant experience and skills to the job's major requirements. To see how that might look, we created a hypothetical version of Mayer’s resume that utilizes selected information and a functional format. Take a look at it, then compare it to her bio on Yahoo's website. (Our notes are highlighted. And, no, the contact information isn't real.)