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Although Microsoft won’t actually release Windows 10 until late 2015, it reportedly plans to give a demonstration of the operating system’s consumer features next month. According to The Verge, which drew from unnamed sources for the information, the Windows 10 event will include a demo of “Continuum,” which adjusts the operating system’s interface to suit the type of device it’s running on; unplug the physical keyboard from a hybrid, touch-enabled laptop such as the Surface 3 or Lenovo Yoga, for example, and the software will automatically switch from desktop mode (ideal for mouse-and-keyboard input) to Microsoft’s touch-friendly “Modern” one. To find Windows-related jobs, click here. Microsoft could also unveil additional details about its plans to unify Windows Phones, Windows 10, and tablets into a cohesive ecosystem.

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In October, Nadella admitted to an audience at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo that “we got some things wrong in Windows 8,” adding that he felt “very good” about the work on Windows 10. In contrast to Windows 8, which attempted to conquer the tablet market by pairing the traditional desktop with a Start screen filled with colorful tiles (the better to tap and swipe on a touch-screen), Windows 10 places the emphasis on the desktop, although it will include that tile concept as part of the Start menu. Microsoft can only hope that Windows 10 will grip the imaginations of consumers and businesses in a way that eluded Windows 8, which still hasn’t managed to overcome Windows 7’s sizable market-share.

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