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Mobile developers who want to make money should consider building enterprise apps: Those who target enterprise customers are twice as likely to earn real money as those going after consumers or professionals, according to a report from app and mobile researcher VisionMobile. The report, The State of the Developer Nation Q3 2014, says that more than two thirds of mobile app developers focus on consumers, 16 percent target the enterprise and 11 percent target professionals. The developers of enterprise apps have twice the odds of earning more than $5,000 per app, per month, and three times the chance of earning more than $25,000 per app, per month. Click here to find mobile development jobs. Those numbers stand out in a world where the likelihood of making a going business out of app development is slim. Half of iOS developers and 64 percent of Android developers earn below $500 per app each month, the report found. Twenty-four percent of app developers who want to make money aren't earning anything. Not surprisingly, notes InfoWorld, Google's Android and Apple's iOS are the most popular platforms for developers. Android was used by 70 percent of them, followed by iOS—used by 55 percent—and Windows Phone—used by 28 percent. Windows had 18 percent, mobile browsers 15 percent and BlackBerry 10 was used by 11 percent. Fewer developers were supporting both Android and iOS. HTML5 was the most widely used technology among the developers, employed by 42 percent of them. Thirty-eight percent used Java. Despite the prevalence of HTML5, only 15 percent of developers actually target mobile browsers in their work. As the report notes, "The future of HTML5 is beyond the browser." Java was the most common choice for an app’s primary language (26 percent), followed by Objective-C at 17 percent and C# at 14 percent.

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