Main image of article How Mobile Traffic Will Spike This Holiday Season
shutterstock_268450493 We know online holiday shopping increases the minute everyone is done enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, and new data from Appboy shows that mobile is driving more traffic and transactions than ever before. On mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, consumers are starting to shop earlier than in previous years. Data shows traffic increases 74 percent the day before Thanksgiving, and doesn’t slow down. On Thanksgiving day, mobile shopping traffic increases 158 percent versus the week prior. Shoppers are following through on their searches, too. On Black Friday, Appboy reports, there's a 300 percent increase in completed transactions. Though some data points show that desktop browsers are still where many shoppers choose to follow through with purchases, that trend is changing. Cyber Monday is not quite as big as Black Friday, but as made-up post-holiday events go, it’s still important. It sees 33 percent more sessions than Black Friday, and 94 percent more traffic overall versus the week prior. That tells us that most transactions still happen on Black Friday, but customers are keeping an eye out for deals the following Monday. Elsewhere, Appboy has some interesting statistics for device activation and app usage around Christmas Day. December 25-27 sees an average of 23 percent new device activations per day, and a 16 percent increase in app usage as people test their new devices out. There’s also a 42 percent spike in media apps when new devices are activated, suggesting we’d maybe rather watch Netflix and YouTube fail videos than talk to family. Retail apps, where we spent so much time before the holidays, sees a massive traffic dip on Christmas Eve – but a 14 percent increase on the same days people get new devices. Gift cards won’t spend themselves. Transportation apps dip hard on Christmas Day (down 50 percent), but see a 133 percent spike on New Years Eve and 45 percent uptick on New Years Day.