Main image of article More Data Center Operations May Be Outsourced
More large companies are considering outsourcing their data centers. A survey by Digital Realty Trust found that just 51 percent of those planning to expand their centers this year are considering doing it themselves. That's 6 percent less than in 2010.
“One key finding is how decisively the industry is moving toward a model that relies on the expertise and resources of data center specialists,” said (DLR CEO Michael) Foust. “The lease vs. own analysis has long been a consideration for the corporate enterprise customer. Increasingly, enterprises appear to be favoring the lease model as fewer companies are choosing to go it alone on these capital-intensive projects.”
The survey also found that 85 percent of the respondents will definitely or probably expand this year, 4  percent more than last year. Nearly three quarters -- 72 percent -- expect to increase their data center budgets this year. The average projected increase: 7.7 percent. Source: Data Center Knowledge