Firefox LogoRolling out updates just as quickly as its competitors, Mozilla has announced the official release of Firefox 7. The new Mozilla 7 brings significant improvements and more stability. According to Mozilla's Blog, the new version manages to reduce memory use and make the browser load faster. It is very important because Mozilla claims we're going to experience these improvements when we open more tabs, click on menus or other buttons on websites. Another cool thing is that we won't be forced to restart our browser after long sessions online. Instead, Mozilla wants us to use Firefox with "lots of tabs ... open and during long Web browsing sessions that last hours or even days." For developers: There's a new version of Canvas for HTML 5 and W3C API, which will help them improve Web experiences and  speed timings to optimize website/apps. Let's not forget about Telemetry, which will help developers optimize future Firefox releases by gathering performance data (memory usage, CPU core count, Cycle collection times, Startup speed) from their users. You can download Mozilla Firefox 7 its website.
The latest version has the following changes:
  • Drastically improved memory handling for certain use cases
  • Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems
  • Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync
  • The 'http://' URL prefix is now hidden by default
  • Added support for text-overflow: ellipsis
  • Added support for the Web Timing specification
  • Enhanced support for MathML
  • The WebSocket protocol has been updated from version 7 to version 8
  • Added an opt-in system for users to send performance data back to Mozilla to improve future versions of Firefox
  • Fixed several stability issues