Main image of article Need More Money? There's An App For That.
Need cash? Have an iPhone? Check out Gigwalk, an app that pays you for completing tasks. Gigwalk is like a middle man that provides businesses with an on-demand mobile workforce and the public with a source of side income. When employers post a Gig, they include instructions on what you'd need to do and the location where it has to be done. Tasks can be anything from verifying street names for mapping firms to taking food pictures. While the job poster can't keep an eye on you to make sure you're doing the work -- as opposed to just entering random data from the comfort of your couch -- they can request photo, video or even audio evidence. So how much will you make? Anywhere from $3 to $50+ for each completed task. You'll also earn Streetcred -- that's like a point system for Gigwalkers. The more Streetcred you have, the more paying tasks you'll be eligible to take. To give you an idea of what that can add up to, the top Gigwalker made more than $2,000 in the six months private beta period, completing 277 tasks. For now, Gigwalk is only operating in:
(1) Los Angeles Metro Area (2) New York City (3) San Francisco Bay Area (4) Philadelphia (5) South Florida (6) Boston (7) Chicago
To get started, just download the app for free and sign yourself up. Source: Lifehacker