Main image of article Why I Picked an iPhone 5 Over the Nexus 4
The time has finally come for me to replace my ancient iPhone 3GS. There have been several exciting new devices announced in the past few months, and I've been able to narrow down my choices to the Apple iPhone 5 and the Google Nexus 4. Since I'm upgrading from a 2009 smartphone, either one of these devices would be a massive improvement in every way imaginable. Nexus 4The iPhone 5 may be an obvious choice for me. I've invested considerably in the iOS ecosystem. I've got an iPad as well as an Apple TV. A benefit of the iPhone 5 is that I'd be able to effortlessly link the phone to my television. I also appreciate the aesthetic of the device. Although, while the black model speaks to me, some reviewers say that the weak aluminum is prone to scuffs and bending. Another selling point is that iPhones are revamped only once a year, so their resale value doesn't sink as quickly as that of the Androids. If you upgrade your phone every one or two years, its cash value is something to consider. Apple's latest smartphone does seem to be the perfect device for me but I'm hesitating. Why? Because iOS is boring. It works well and I'm very comfortable with it, but I've grown tired of the same old interface and all the rounded corner square icons that Apple's left pretty much the same since 2007. The Nexus 4 appears to be a next best thing too. Significantly cheaper than the iPhone 5, it's an excellent all around device and features Jelly Bean and Project Butter. The latter has solved its fluidity issue, which had been one of my biggest complaints about Android. The app ecosystem has also improved significantly and most of the iOS apps that I can't live without are now available on Android. Since it's a Nexus device, I can take comfort knowing that I'll receive updates in a timely manner and without any modification from the device manufacturer or carrier. Also, I think Google Now totally blows Siri out of the water. It's extremely snappy in recognizing my voice commands and returning results. It's also capable of presenting useful information without me asking. Unfortunately for me and anyone else who may be interested, it's almost impossible to find the Nexus. The phone is available in very few countries and even if I happen to be residing in one of these places, the device is either sold out, or has a prohibitively long waiting period. Nexus' delivery limitation comes amid Apple's success in trimming the waiting period of the iPhone 5 to two to four business days in most parts of the world. As it stands right now, I guess I'll have to settle for the iPhone 5. But if there are still no significant improvements in iOS 7, I may be rocking a Nexus next year. Image: Google