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Nokia SignNokia published their 2011 annual stats and they reveal a phone giant still looking to catch up in the smartphone market. Last year, Nokia delved more deeply into the smartphone business by signing a deal with Microsoft, which now allows them to use the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. Besides signing this important deal, Microsoft was not able to recover what they lost in the last years. Everyone knows that after Apple announced the iPhone in 2007, Nokia wasn't able to compete and sales of their devices decreased significantly. 2011 was no different for the Finnish giant, which had $50.2 billion net sales and a $1.4 billion operating loss. In 2010 Nokia had a $2.74 billion profit. Last year Nokia hired 130,050 people, of which 73,686 were employed by Nokia Siemens Networks. Unfortunately, they also had to cut thousands of jobs in Finland, Mexico and Romania. They now focus their product assembly primarily in Asia. Smartphone Numbers In terms of smartphone shipments, Nokia managed to reach 77.3 million units, while their feature phones (like the Nokia 100) shipments reached 339.8 million units. It appears that people are not familiar with Nokia as a smartphone producer. As part of their deal with Microsoft, Nokia received their first quarterly platform support payment of $250 million from the Redmond giant. Future Nokia still plans to ship Symbian devices and software support to this category of users until 2016. Nokia feels that they will sell fewer Symbian devices than previously anticipated and expect sales of Windows Phone devices to increase in the coming years. Starting September 2011, Nokia signed an agreement with Accenture to outsource the Symbian software development and support services. This agreement, along with the Microsoft agreement, could expose Nokia to a big list of risks or uncertainties. Still, Nokia hopes it will be able to invest in new technologies and create "great mobile products for virtually every demographic and every geography worldwide".