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Contacting the hiring manager increases your visibility and success rate, but it’s hard to connect when you don’t know his or her name. How do you find it? Start by calling the company and asking to speak with the appropriate manager, for instance, the manager of tech support or engineering. Your goal is to make a positive impression and to verify whether they're the right contact. So when they answer, politely explain that you’re a veteran engineer who's interested in the senior development opening and offer to send them your resume. True, you may not get the right contact. If you don't, ask for the name of the appropriate manager or for someone who may know. Drop the name of your last contact each time you call. With perseverance, you’ll eventually uncover the name you want. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with ferreting out the name of the hiring manager. In fact, employers expect it. If someone tells you to contact HR or apply online, agree to do so, but explain that you would still like the name and title of the hiring manager for your cover letter.

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