Software Engineer working on a project to develop skills

Maybe you’ve just graduated from school and you’re looking for your first job in tech. Or perhaps you’re an experienced technology professional who wants to ascend into management. No matter what your experience, skills, and specialization, there are plenty of opportunities out there to expand your career—so long as you’ve thought about what to do, and have a workable plan.

Even the most experienced tech professional knows that a tech career is a dynamic and complex thing, and making good decisions can sometimes prove difficult. Fortunately, even a little bit of thought and planning, combined with a commitment to adjusting your approach in response to feedback, can result in a satisfying career. Dice’s latest update to its Optimizing Your Tech Career e-book offers lots of career advice, along with worksheets to help with goal-setting and prioritization, videos, links to Dice career content, and other resources for taking your career to the next level.

The e-book’s sections include:

  • Advice for tech professionals at the very beginning of their career, including education, training, and job interviewing.
  • Actionable information for tech professionals in mid-career, including how to decide on career opportunities and negotiate for higher pay.
  • Words of wisdom for those tech professionals aiming for a senior management or “master specialist” role, which can require bringing together the technical and soft skills you’ve built up throughout your career.

On top of that, new sections of the e-book address a critical issue facing every tech professional today: the rise of generative A.I. This technology will impact everything from how you write resumes to your daily workflow. We offer cutting-edge advice for meeting A.I. on your own terms.

Keep in mind that the tech unemployment rate remains notably low (at 1.8 percent in July) and companies throughout the economy need all kinds of tech professionals for everything from data analytics to mobile app development. As you read through the Optimizing Your Tech Career eBook, think about how the advice can impact your career and take it to new heights. Good luck!