Main image of article How to Become Batman Without Buying the Suit
Superman Personalized Action FigureWho hasn't wanted to be a super hero? For me it's Batman -- I love the idea of brooding on a roof, even if I do live in a ranch. It hasn't been lack of Bruce Wayne's money that's kept me from bulking up, it's a lack of desire to do things like lift weights and eat right. Now, though, people like me can become super heroes, or at least see themselves in the body of one. Just upload two pictures of yourself to Personalised Superhero Action Figures and they'll send you back an action figure of you in the guise of Batman, Batgirl, Superman, Wonder Woman or, if you're not a good guy, the Joker. The cost is $127.49, plus delivery from the UK, and you'll have to wait three weeks to impress your friends. No word on whether you'll be able to put your face on a Steve Jobs doll, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Hat Tip: Gizmodo Photo: Firebox