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If you're invited in for a second interview, always ask for an agenda or schedule ahead of time, including the names and titles of the people you'll be meeting with. This will give you the chance to research them a bit, so you can understand their roles and anticipate their questions. Also, while you're preparing, review your notes from earlier interviews, paying special attention to areas that seemed to concern the hiring manager and any team members you talked to. Those concerns may be topics of discussion at your next meeting, and probably will be covered in more detail than they were before. By the time you go in for a second interview, the employer knows you can do the job. Now, they're going to probe the depths of you expertise and try to get a better feel for whether you'll be a good fit with the team. Still, you need to be buttoned up. Prepare and rehearse for this session, just as you did for your earlier conversations.

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