Main image of article QA Engineers are the Happiest Workers in America?
QA Engineers are the happiest workers in America according to CareerBliss, who came up with this determination from more than 100,000 employee reviews. With an overall happiness score of 4.24 out of 5, that's pretty darn happy. The survey cites feeling rewarded, pay, and a variety of tasks. It then goes on to name the runners-up, none of whom are engineers (sorry developers, guess you're not as happy?). What has been your favorite tech job? Tell us about it in the comments below? According to the article, QA Engineers are happy because they "feel that they are an integral part of the job being done at the company." This is the most accurate thing to me in the article. It's rewarding for me to be part of a team and I'm happier when I feel like I'm working on things that matter. I don't care what my job title is -- if a customer's experience is going to be better because of my work, then I feel great about it. In any event, my congratulations go out to the QA engineers and to anyone who is happy in their job, no matter what your title is. Keep doing what you love and loving what you do.