Main image of article More Tech Workers Will Relocate for Jobs
Percentages of Job Seekers Relocating The need to relocate isn't nearly the obstacle it once was when it comes to accepting a new job, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. In fact, the number of people willing to pack up and move soared during the first half of the year, reaching levels not seen since the beginning of the Great Recession. Overall, the percentage of unemployed managers and executives who relocated rose to 14 percent, more than double the 6.7 percent who moved during the same period last year, a survey by the company found. Although specific data on technology workers wasn't available, company CEO John Challenger says they are likely a part of the trend, though not with the same momentum. "Although it's harder to get people to move in tech, companies are becoming more aggressive in their offers, so there is a push and pull," Challenger explains. "There may be job seekers in tech who are more willing to move now because their homes aren't under water and they could sell them at a profit and not a loss." That appears to be the case in Silicon Valley, says David Chie, President of Palo Alto Staffing Technology. Chie has noticed that junior IT workers are more apt than they've previously been to pull up stakes and move to Silicon Valley, and that veterans are increasingly willing to move away from the area.