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There's an interesting report out from Course Report, a company that provides information to students considering technology boot camps. Billed as "the first cross-school study of its kind," it indicates that these non-college-based programs actually do help their graduates find jobs. Change in Salaries Bear in mind that it's in Course Report's interest for students to want to attend a boot camp, so it's got a definite ax to grind here. That said, the report presents some impressive numbers. Of the 432 graduates who participated in the survey, 63 percent reported having a full-time job after they completed a boot camp. That compares to 48 percent who had full-time jobs before. Also, the positions they found came with better pay: Forty-four percent reported an average earnings increase of $23,000. Good thing, because these programs aren't cheap. On average, respondents paid $10,000 to attend the training program. Changes in Employment Just 5 percent of the respondents said they were full-time programmers before they attended the boot camp, though 18 percent were doing some kind of development at work. Most of the graduates—74 percent—attended the boot camp because they wanted to get a job as a programmer, while 8 percent wanted to start their own company. Less than 1 percent saw the boot camp as a way to get promoted or change jobs at their current employer. Interestingly, 71 percent of the respondents had a bachelor's degree, while 15 percent had a master's degree. Seventeen percent were unemployed before taking the program, compared to 14 percent afterwards. You can see the full report here.

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