Main image of article Five Signs Your Resume Needs a Relaunch
Check out these tell-tale signs to see if your resume needs a make-over.
  1. It’s outdated. You’ve been an IT professional for more than three years but you’re still referencing the fast food jobs you had in college and your education appears at the top of your resume. Focus on real-world experience once you enter the workforce.
  2. It’s generic. Your headline says you’re a diligent, motivated, hard-working, team player and your business title is “Senior IT Professional I." Clearly state your intentions and value by customizing your resume’s content and aligning your headline, technical skills and bullets with the job description.
  3. It’s blasé. You look like a worker bee, rather than a dynamic professional who can impact business outcomes, because you’ve highlighted a plethora of tasks and responsibilities without mentioning your achievements.
  4. It’s out of synch. Your resume doesn’t jive with your online profile and you don’t offer a link to a portfolio, website or blog. Employers will vet the information in your resume by searching the Internet so coordinate your information to convey to a compelling, cohesive story.
  5. It’s all about you. You want a challenging position, you want an opportunity to grow but what are you offering employers? Resumes are marketing documents that should speak to your audience. The idea is to achieve your objectives by meeting the employer’s needs.
Our own experts -- as well as your fellow job seekers -- will gladly critique your resume if you post it on Dice Discussions. Though occasionally it's hard to comment because the sample needs more than a few minor revisions, you're bound to pick up some good advice.