Apple Notebooks DesignRecently rumors have been escalating about the new Macbook Pro, suggesting it will feature an entirely new case design. According to 9to5mac, MacRumors actually pointed to a February iLounge article that a new MacBook Pro design was with Qanta Computers, a contract manufacturer of Apple. It is believed that in the past few months, there has been some legal claims relating to patents claimed by Apple regarding a material known as liquid metal. Apple fans believe this material may be used to create future products produced under the iconic Apple brand. Another rumor spreading around is about the use of carbon fibre in upcoming Apple devices. Apple's said it's been exploring the use of carbon fibre within its products. Results have shown that carbon fibre will make Apple devices lighter much more sturdy. Many Apple enthusiasts  believe that new Macbook Pros will resemble the Macbook Air, and be even thinner than previous versions of this much-loved product. As we have seen in the past, Apple has always surprised us with new and innovative concepts. Many Apple fans are sure that this new design will be a huge step toward creating the "next generation" of mobile computing devices.  The net is filled with many ideas of what the new Macbook Pro will look like, however nobody can be certain until we're given an official update from Apple. Source: MacRumors