Sarah Wright 162 Durgin Park Boston MA 00000 000.555.1212 New York Address: 714 3rd Ave. Apt. 6B 00000 Ms. Sandra Anderson Technical Recruiter BOSTON BANK 123 Patriot Way Boston, Mass.00000 April 8, 2013 Re: Linux System Administrator Dear Ms. Anderson: I’m submitting my resume after reading about your need for a Linux System Administrator on Dice, because I believe that I’m the ideal candidate. I’ve been a Linux System Administrator for the last four years at ABC Financial Services while working toward a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from New York City College of Technology. I’m a native Bostonian and I’d like to return since I have a network of friends and family in the area. However, I’m not requesting relocation assistance. I have considerable experience managing and troubleshooting all aspects of Linux operations and applications. But it was my diligent capacity planning and ability to evaluate and reconfigure ABC Financial Services’ Linux setup that facilitated the seamless integration of XYZ Financial, and resulted in kudos from both our CIO and CEO. After you’ve reviewed my qualifications, I think you’ll see why we should meet. I’ll be in Boston the week of April 22. Please contact me at 000.555.1212 or to suggest a convenient time. In the event I don’t hear from you, I’ll give you a call next week. Thank you for your time and consideration. Yours truly, Sarah Wright Encl: Resume P.S. Please check out my recommendations at

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