REGGIE BROOKS 123 Main Street Apt. 101 New York, NY 00000 000-555-1212 March 24, 2013 Mr. Tom Jones Vice President of Engineering ABC COMPANY 465 West 28th Street, Ste. 300 New York, NY 00000 Re: Senior Software Engineer Dear. Mr. Jones: Matt Wilson suggested I contact you about the opening on your engineering team. After hearing about your desire to lower operating costs and drive efficiencies, I’m convinced that I’m the best engineer for the job. You see, I not only have hands-on expertise in Microsoft Technologies, C++ and Java, I happen to have the problem-solving skills you’re looking for. In fact, I recently helped a struggling provider of Web-enabled merchant services lower transaction costs and prevent customer defections as you can see by these examples. * I initiated several changes to APPROVE.NET’s transaction processing systems and interfaces after analyzing the response time of Ajax service calls and noting a number of errors, warnings and informational messages on the event viewer log. The changes resulted in faster processing time and a 15 percent reduction in complaints and refunds. * After comparing our average transaction costs to eBay’s Digital Service Efficiency metrics, I led a 12-month campaign to move APPROVE.NET’s system to another data center. The initiative resulted in a 5 percent reduction in transaction costs, a more advantageous SLA and no disruption in service. I’ve also managed a global development team and consistently decreased development time and costs by introducing streamlined engineering processes and best practices everywhere I’ve worked. I’m very interested in the position and think I’m a great fit. I’ll call next week to see about scheduling a meeting. In the meantime, I hope you’ll review my resume and talk to Matt about my qualifications. Sincerely, Reggie Brooks Attachment: Professional Resume R Brooks REGGIE BROOKS, Senior Software Engineer - New York, NY 000-555-1212

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