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Talented and dedicated Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience



  • Adept at overseeing all phases of software development lifecycle, from design and documentation to implementation.
  • Exceptional experience working in fast-paced, deadline-oriented environments.
  • Strong team leader with extensive background managing and training junior employees.
  • Outstanding technical skills; able to quickly learn new concepts and technologies.


Languages: UML, C, C#, C++, Java, SQL, XML, Perl, Visual Basic
Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP, Oracle RDBMS
Java: Apache SOAP and Xerces, JDBC, J2EE (Servlets), JNI, Struts, Borland JBuilder, Ant. Hibernate, NetBeans
Methodology: OOD, OOP, SDLC, Postgres
APIs: ADO, ADO Express, Borland VCL


ABC Software, New York, NY
2003 - Present
Senior Software Engineer for $25M, 18-person organization developing Tablet software for PCs.  
  • Created "Writer Ideas and Stamps" function for Tablet software, which was incorporated into ABC Software's "Learning Tablet Software" package.
  • Oversee 4 software engineers using C++ to create editing function for Tablet application.
  • Completed the ABC Technologies Leadership Development Program, including in-house classes and off-site training focused on developing management and technical skills.
  • Currently developing three new tools for Tablet, including programs for elementary school, high school, and collegiate-level math and English courses.
DEF Consultants, Portland, OR
2000 - 2003
Software Engineer providing design and software development to several mission-critical systems across multiple industries, such as banking and telecommunications. Client projects included:  
Haverford Engineering (2002 - 2003)
  • Enhanced existing tracking system for materials using Visual Basic under Windows XP with Oracle database.
  • Oversaw all phases of software lifecycle, from requirements gathering to development, design, and implementation.
  • Determined product-specific production analysis by creating specialized algorithm.
XYZ Telecom (2001 - 2002)
  • Performed software design analysis for emerging telecom company with 23 employees.
  • Managed team of 8 programmers and engineers.
  • Prepared system requirements for architectural planning team during design and implementation stages.
BCE Tech (2000 - 2001)
  • Wrote technical documentation and participated in meetings to determine organization's needs and objectives.
  • Created software for development of object models integrated into tracking materials across globe.
  • Managed team of 4 employees.
JKL Corporation, Los Angeles, CA
1999 - 2000
Software Engineer for 12-person start-up software company.
  • Played key role in all phases of software development lifecycle, from design and documentation to implementation and testing.
  • Followed specific methodology and best practices as per JKL standards to target organization's unique needs.
  • Assessed data and performed analysis on database.
  • Created training class for coworker on JKL Patterns, an in-house software program.
MNO Systems, Los Angeles, CA
1998 - 1999
Software Engineer building e-commerce website and application framework for 12-person company with $2M in annual revenue.
  • Design behavioral features to track online market applications.
  • Assessed company's business needs, translated goals into requirements, and created site.
  • Built all backend and e-commerce features.
  • Wrote design specs, oversaw testing, and created custom interface tools for third-party order management system.
  • Ensured scalability of site as company grew, and performed extensive testing to ensure optimal performance.
Columbia University, New York, NY B.S. in Computer Science, May 1997


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