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Embedded Software and Robotics Engineering Professional

Futuristic engineer and bona fide expert in embedded software and architecture looking to fuel my fervent passion for cutting edge technology by developing next-generation robotic systems and creating tight, bug free software and code on a contract basis.

  • Experience researching, designing, developing, testing, debugging and optimizing robotic systems in companies serving the automotive and manufacturing industries.
  • Adaptable to changing requirements while producing quality software within tight deadlines.
  • Proven history of increasing production volume or precision in high-throughput operations.
  • Able to create algorithms or programming code for ad hoc robotic applications.
  • Familiar with a wide variety of programs, test equipment, embedded systems software, architectures and peripherals such as welders, controllers and other equipment.

Technical Highlights

Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, SQL, FORTRAN, Python, .NET Utilities: Matlab/Simulink, Simpack QT-Scripting, FANUC ROBOGUIDE, ABB RobotStudio. Operating Systems: Windows, RSLogix 5 CAD Packages: SolidWorks, FVA work bench, Pro E, AutoCAD. Analysis Packages: MSC Visual Nastran, DRESP, SIMPACK. Complete technical profile and coding samples available at www.robotman.com

Project Highlights

“Robot Man is my go-to resource for design, coding, testing and algorithms.” John Jones, Engineering VP, Reliable Robots

Reliable Robots, 9 month project Environment: C/C++, Python, Git, Jenkins Developed robotic algorithms and software for Dexter, an industrial robot that performs a variety of repetitive production tasks alongside people by exhibiting behavior-based common sense.

  • Developed robust vision applications, focused on parts detection, localization, inspection.
  • Created GUI Interfaces to vision algorithms.
  • Worked with QA team to test and improve Dexter and customer satisfaction.

Automotive Robots LLC, 6 month project Environment: Allen-Bradley PLC applications and human-machine interfaces Troubleshot and resolved problems with robotics systems interfacing with PLC programs, operator interfaces, motion systems and vision systems. Interfaced with clients.

  • Designed, analyzed and troubleshot circuits in automated work cells using PLC's and/or relays.
  • Collaborated with other engineers on design and integration of cellular production work centers.
  • Optimized robotic applications to maximize production output and reduce downtime.

Prize Engineering, 12 month project Environment: C#, C++, .NET Designed operating software for a variety of robots and end of arm tools used in auto manufacturing.

  • Converted detailed logical flow chart to object oriented C++, C# and .NET programs.
  • Participated in code review meetings and created test plans for integration and module testing.

Automated Systems, 4 month project Environment: C, C#, SIMPACK Participated in all aspects of designing, architecting, programming, testing and debugging of applications for a brand new line of manufacturing robotics.

  • Developed technical solutions that fit customer specifications.
  • Assisted with front-end graphical user interface design.
  • Coordinated multiple build activities and assisted with testing and debugging of lab prototypes and beta software utilized on customer sites.

Manufacturing Solutions, 6 month project Environment: C, C++, Java Designed embedded firmware for new robotic assist systems and unweighting treadmill systems, as well as other platforms under development.

  • Developed new products by collaborating with design engineers.
  • Project scope included concept generation, designing specifications and algorithms, creating firmware, debugging, developing test plans, testing, documentation and transferring products to manufacturing

Ford LAP, Robotics Engineer, 2 years (full-time position) Developed programs for the assembly of windshield and side glasses by interfacing the robot with the PLC and optimizing the vision system and cycle time. General Motors, Development Engineer, 3 years, Embedded Software Engineer, 2 years (full-time positions) Developed system requirements and use case specification documents. Developed, maintained and optimized a variety of apps, algorithms and architectures in embedded systems.

Education, Training and Certifications

University of Pittsburgh, B.S. in Computer Science, minors in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Michael Barr’s Embedded Software Boot Camp Allen-Bradley PLC Training Courses Certified Robotics Engineering Associate I (CREA I) Certified Robotics Engineering Associate II (CREA II)

Affiliations and Publications

Member: Association for Computer Machinery and Open Source Robotics Foundation Follower and Occasional Contributor: Embedded Gurus, Ganssle Group, Embedded.com Articles and Posts: www.robotmanblog.com Open Source Projects: ROS and Gazebo

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