Main image of article Silicon Valley Tech Workers Get the Highest Salaries
It may come as no big surprise, but Silicon Valley pays its tech workers the best in the nation according to technology recruiting firm CyberCoders. CyberCoders crunched the numbers on 3,000 tech jobs and salaries to came up with its list of the top 10 highest paying cities for tech jobs. The top 10 cities and their average tech salaries:
  1. San Jose – $119,412
  2. San Francisco – $112,739
  3. New York – $105,192
  4. Washington D.C. – $99,618
  5. Boston – $99,099
  6. Los Angeles – $96,705
  7. Brooklyn – $96,696
  8. Philadelphia – $95,929
  9. Chicago – $94,899
  10. Dallas – $94,799
New Yorkers take note: this may be the first time that Brooklyn (population 2,500,000) has been identified as a city on its own. “The higher average salaries in the San Francisco Bay area are a case of supply and demand in a competitive market,” CyberCoders CTO Matt Miller said. It’s also important to look at salary comparisons like these with an eye toward cost of living. House hunters in Silicon Valley would likely be amazed by how much farther their real estate dollars would stretch in Dallas, for example.