Hal from 2001Seems like the first thing anyone who's got an iPhone 4S does is introduce themselves to Siri, its artificially intelligent personal assistant. Besides being remarkably accurate in her voice recognition, Siri has a sense of humor, or at least a long-suffering approach to the probing questions users ask when they take her out of the box. Here's some of the conversations Siri's had with our users: The Star Trek Theme
  • User: “Beam Me Up Scotty.” Siri: "ENERGIZING."
  • User: "Siri, Energize.” Siri: "I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN."
Okay, that shows some confusion. The Snarky iPhone
  • User: “I am so tired.” Siri: "I HOPE YOU ARE NOT DRIVING."
  • User:  “ I think I have lost my mind.” Siri: "OK."
  • User:  “ I don’t want to go to work today.” Siri: "I THOUGHT NOT."
  • User:  (Something obscene). Siri: "KEN, YOUR LANGUAGE."
Siri the Realist
  • User: "Will I get drunk tonight?” Siri: "I FOUND 13 CABS…12 OF THEM ARE FAIRLY CLOSE TO YOU."
  • User: "Will I (have relations) tonight?" Siri: "THERE ARE THREE ESCORT SERVICES IN YOUR AREA."
Siri the Apple Evangelist
  • User: "Should Mark buy an iPhone?" Siri: "This Apple Store looks close to you."
  • User: "What do you think of Android?" Siri: "I think differently."
Siri the Dangerous
  • User: “Should I ask Amy to marry me tonight?” Siri: "HERE IS YOUR MESSAGE TO AMY. (Typed out MARRY ME.) SHOULD I SEND IT?" User: NO!
Be honest. Can you imagine Windows Phone with this kind of attitude? (Alice, can I  get one? I'll walk her every day.) So, how's your relationship with Siri going? Let me know by post your comment below.