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[caption id="attachment_141523" align="aligncenter" width="4256"] YouTube YouTube can be great for any developer.[/caption] YouTube is great for a number of things, but one of its best unsung use cases is programming. As the world’s de facto video hosting service, it offers a lot of great channels aimed at developers. Here are five we think you should check out. Some of these channels lean toward particular languages or platforms, but even if you don't specialize in their subject matter, there’s still a lot to gain from them: while some tutorials may cover a language you don’t use, most offer additional boilerplate knowledge.


Perhaps the most popular online learning platform around, Udacity also has a bustling YouTube channel. In addition to various course videos, it regularly hosts Q&A sessions with prominent technologists. There’s also “Udacity Talks,” an ongoing series where “some of the most important thinkers in Silicon Valley” talk about the world of technology.


Another online learning portal, Treehouse has a different energy. It doesn’t host coursework on YouTube, but it does have a competitor to Udacity Talks called “Treehouse Friends,” billed as “a series of discussions with interesting people in the web design, development, and business worlds.” Treehouse also focuses on success stories from its own students. Between those two offerings, Treehouse’s YouTube channel is a mix between TED Talks and motivational stories that is sure to keep you on the brighter side of tech.

Let’s Build That App

Freelancer Brian Voong hasn’t been at the YouTube game very long, but his channel is constantly crammed full of really useful, topical videos. An iOS developer, Voong offers tutorials, but also holds regular live sessions and answers viewer questions now and again. He also opens up about how much he makes, and his work history. It’s a great resource for new developers.

The Coding Train

If you like unicorns, rainbows and a guy who throws his arms up in the air a lot, The Coding Train is perfect for you. It hits on a variety of topics, and has a lot to offer. There are coding challenges, tutorials and the occasional guest spot for both Q&A and tutorials. The Coding Train may be a bit all over the map, but it’s a ton of fun and well worth a ‘subscribe’ if you’re into web development at all.

Sean Allen

Allen may not have a cleverly-named YouTube channel, but his videos are a great resource nonetheless. Newer to professional coding than some other YouTube hosts, Allen offers really good tutorials for iOS developers in Swift. He also sheds a bit of light on the technical interview process, and his experience interviewing with some major tech companies. Insightful and educational, Allen is well worth a subscribe.

If you’re a web developer, you’re going to like Learn Code. React developers will especially love it. Going over everything from JavaScript to scaling Docker (it talks a lot about Docker, and has a really good three-part series called ‘Demystifying Docker’; because let’s face it, Docker is weird and nobody seems to understand it fully), the channel spends most of its energy on Node.JS and React. Web developers should give this one an insta-subscribe, if for nothing more than the really solid Yarn v. NPM video.

YouTube May Be Great for Any Developer

These are a sampling of what’s out there. All were chosen because they currently update their channels, but many others have a deep library you may find useful. The New Boston, DevTips and Net Ninja are just a few of the latter. If you have a favorite YouTube dev channel, feel free to list it in the comments section below. The more we share, the more we learn!